TriloBoat Mission Statement

Avast! Ye Curvy Dogs!

TriloBoats are formula designs for simple, DIY (Do It Yourself) plywood box-barges (scows) for sail, power and/or mooring.

Their intent is to help your home-built boat onto the water in the shortest possible time, with the most possible bang for the buck (return on investment).

To this end, TriloBoats are optimized for DIY home builders. As such, they are relatively inexpensive and quick to build using basic carpentry skills, tools and materials.

Whether as sailing barge, power scow, or shanty boat; whether as gunk-holer, protected water cruiser or live-aboard houseboat; TriloBoats intend to provide a commodious, stable and seaworthy platform for living large on the water.

Artwork "Knotty Roger" and "Avast, ye curvy dogs" ©2008 David W. Zeiger. All rights reserved. that being said, I authorize its use and replication by Square Boaters and public for non-commercial purposes.

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